Yellow Zone

Ways I Can Trick Myself


This is the description.

Hearing What I Wanna Hear 
Seeing What I Wanna See

Confirmation Bias

It’s Obvious!

Availability heuristic. confirmation bias.  Being certain. cherry picking. Correlation equals causation.


Sunk cost fallacy, gambler’s fallacy.

My People

Fear of missing out.  Acceptance in a group.  Belonging

Being Certain

Being Certain. Oversimplification.  

Guilty or Right By Association

Guilty by association, 

Oh Comfort Zone!

We’re wired to be safe and comfortable, but the threats that mechanism protect us from no longer exist for virtually all of us.

Instead, this backfires and renders us xxxx. (couch potatoes and armchair critics).

(Fear. lack of support.)

The Good ol’ Days


Altered States

Our point of view can shift significantly and be off-center without it being apparent to us when we’re tired, hungry, angry, horny, tipsy, stoned, and/or elated.



This is the description.


This is the description.

End of Yellow Zone

Comment about the yellow zone.

Things I Notice

The Green Zone focuses on simply noticing the things on the cards.  That’s it.  

All good things will follow automatically.

Ways Others Can Trick Me

The Red Zone focuses on the ways others can trick you. Being aware of these tricks helps you become immune to them. 

It’s a lot of fun when you can catch more and more of the tricks, and impress your friends!

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