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Oversimplifications Create Confusion!

In the same way that there’s a speck of dust in the middle of every raindrop, there’s almost always at least one oversimplification somewhere in the middle of every disagreement, argument and heated discussion.

The fastest way to arrive at a better understanding is to hunt for the oversimplifications and give them the detailed treatment they deserve.

Even better, hunt for them together.

What are we noticing?

We’re noticing gross oversimplifications.

We’re noticing how easy it is to oversimplify in everyday conversation. 


Gross Oversimplifications

Gay/straight, black/white, conservative/liberal, captialist/socialist, masculine/feminine, success/failure, always/never, either/or, yes/no, good/evil, light/dark, free/enslaved, us/them, omnivore/vegetarian, clear/confusing, easy/hard, fact/fiction, tolerant/intolerant, harmonious/discordant, smooth/hairy, true/false.

It’s So Easy To Oversimplify

Just look at any paragraph that’s around you, open a book, or look at a web page, and if you wanted to go overboard and call out every oversimplification in what someone is saying, well, we’re all guilty of it.  It’s really hard to avoid.

Because of this smearing effect it’s hard to have any rule to help guide us.

But there are a zillion cases where it’s very obvious that an oversimplification crosses that “line” and is causing confusion, either unintentionally or on purpose.

What can we do right now?

Continue to do our best to be mindful of when an oversimplification crosses the line and causes confusion.

Point out to others that because of an unintentional oversimplification, what they’re saying is confusing. It’s really helpful to point out the flaw in the language rather than the person using the flawed language.

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Get out there and practice, practice, practice thinking clearly with your friends and family.  Help refine what people say rather than reject it.  Try to say what you want in the form of a question.  You can also send people here and not say a word.  The huge benefit from all this is that it won’t be long until people and the world won’t be able to mess with you anymore.  People will notice that about you and will want to know how you did it.  Be strong and have your own ideas, style and identity.  We’re all in this together.