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We can understand things much more quickly when we use comparisons, analogies and metaphors. Comedians use them constantly. “It’s like when…” and “It’s as if…”

An analogy or comparison can be very helpful in getting us most of the way toward quickly understanding something even if it doesn’t completely match.

But comparison can also be used to deceive us, and that happens when we just accept a comparison without thinking it through.

Comparisons are an important tool, and should be handled with care.

What are we noticing?

We are noticing how making comparisons is a powerful tool in communicating with others.  We can use far fewer words when a camparison is a good one.


Apples And Oranges

Metaphors and analogies help us get most of the way there quickly.  It’s okay if they don’t exactly match. The more we can use them in language the more effectively we can communicate. Instead of analyzing them, just notice them and understand when they work and when they don’t. 

Try Your Own

My friend Sean called me up yesterday and it had been a week or so since we had talked. We talk at length constantly because Sean helps with the Clear Thinking Campaign. We noticed that even after a week of not talking to each other that it took us a few minutes to click into our often smart-ass banter. 

Then Sean says “Yeah, it’s kind of like starting up a lawn mower. It takes a couple of pulls on the rope before it kicks in and runs.” We both laughed so hard. Sean and I try to out-do each other coming up with analogies and metaphors. It’s creative and it’s generally very helpful to find parallels in other areas of life.

The Clear Thinking Campaign is full of them. See if you can pick them out as you go along.

What can we do right now?

Watch comparisons being made in comedy routines and parodies. Notice how effective they are in helping us understand something really fast.

Notice how comparisons can also be deceptive.

Have a blast creating your own. Do it with a friend. It’s really fun.

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Get out there and practice, practice, practice thinking clearly with your friends and family.  Help refine what people say rather than reject it.  Try to say what you want in the form of a question.  You can also send people here and not say a word.  The huge benefit from all this is that it won’t be long until people and the world won’t be able to mess with you anymore.  People will notice that about you and will want to know how you did it.  Be strong and have your own ideas, style and identity.  We’re all in this together.