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At last!

Now there’s a place you can come to quickly build and sharpen your clear thinking skills and help others with theirs. Clear thinking needs to be a team sport.

And there couldn’t be a better time than now!

We all love that immediate sense of gratification we get when we sort something out and the fog starts to clear. If we keep at it then all the fog will clear.

So let’s dive right in! Click or tap on the first card below to begin checking out what’s happening here. Then try another card.

Just get to know the cards on this page, in the green zone, and simply notice these things around you in real life. The benefits will follow automatically.

For example, watch the news and see how many of these things you can pick out in just 5 minutes!

You can come back later and use the menus to find out more about this campaign and how it can immediately make your life significantly easier to live.


This is all for you, and for all of us, together.

Mark Halvorson
Founder and your guide


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Green Zone

Things I Notice


Confusion has been used for millennia to control people from individuals to nations.

Understanding the Confusion Sequence helps us watch it happen right before our eyes, and avoid it happening to us.  MORE

Hearing With Both Ears

With one ear I hear you say something about me or the world. 

With my other ear I hear you say something about yourself.


In the same way that there’s a speck of dust in the middle of every raindrop, there’s almost always an oversimplification somewhere in every disagreement, argument and heated discussion.

The fastest way to arrive at a better understanding is to hunt for the oversimplifications and give them the detailed treatment they need. 

Even better, hunt for them together.

Personal vs. Shared

The Rules of the Road protect us in a shared space that we all respect. 

Same-sex marriage is something you respect even though it may have nothing to do with you.

And no one can stop you from putting up those pink flamingoes in your front yard.

Unverifiable Claims

We’re bombarded with unverifiable claims all day long.  It really helps to notice them and then decide if we need more information.

“4 out of 5 dentists agree…”

“Today’s modern woman wants to feel comfortable yet sophisticated.”

“The public demands that we…”

“People say…”

Us vs. Them

People like to belong to a group, team or movement. 

But once they start demonizing the other side then it’s nothing but trouble because usually there are just a few things they don’t agree on.

What’s missing?

All too often we talk about something in isolation.  But how does it fit in with the rest of the picture?  

Was something omitted on purpose? Would knowing more be beneficial?


We can understand things so much more quickly when we use comparisons, analogies and metaphors. Comedians use them constantly.  “It’s like when…”  “It’s as if…”

But there are comparison traps we can fall into as well.

Faulty Language

“Dug” (the dog from the Disney/Pixar movie “UP”) is wearing a special collar that allows him to speak. “Squirrel!” We humans have our speech collar built-in.

But words can seem like using Morse code when we struggle to describe what it was like to skydive for the first time. And sometimes people misread our texts.

Open and Closed Minds

An open mind can deal with the harsh realities of the world. The things our lives depend on (pictured here) can only be designed and built by people with open minds.

A closed mind can just make stuff up to help make its world seem easier to deal with even though it’s at odds with reality.

Often we’re a mixture but there are ways to be consistently open minded. We can frequently update our point of view yet still feel very comfortable. 

Instantly Typecasting Everyone

The entertainment and advertisement industries depend on us all having the same instant idea of what someone is like based only on how they look. We’re well trained.

We carry this over into our daily life and can typecast the people we see around us within a fraction of a second. And then we discover that 99 percent of the time it’s a total MISMATCH with who’s actually inside that body. 

Ever been on a first date? Ever met a “hot mess.” Ever had a breakup? Ever felt misunderstood?

Cosmic Perspective

The screensaver on the latest Apple TV box constantly shows amazing places on earth and views from above. 

It’s a wonderful and frequent reminder that we’re guests here on planet Earth which just has to be one of the top ten planets in the galaxy. 

This helps us see what matters more and what matters less.

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Hearing With Both Ears

Personal vs. Shared
Unverifiable Claims
Us vs. Them

Faulty Language
What’s Missing?

Open and Closed Minds
Typecasting Everyone
Cosmic Perspective

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